Why Dr. Demetriou Loves Being A Dentist in North Andover

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Blog

There are literally tons of reasons why Dr. Demetriou loves being a dentist in North Andover, Massachusetts. The population is right around 30,000, which makes it a nice sized community, without being oppressive in terms of huge population numbers. Unemployment is traditionally low, which means most people are gainfully involved in earning a living and enjoying everything the area has to offer. Here are some of the things which can be appreciated most about North Andover, with each of these aspects getting better and better every year.

Beautiful scenery

Anyone who has ever traveled through the Merrimack Valley will appreciate nature’s majesty and the special beauty of this corner of the world. If you happen to drive through the valley in autumn, you’ll be treated to a panoply of color, something very much like an artist’s palette. Nature lovers will appreciate the beautiful sunrises which can be seen over Weir Hill, and you can then watch the sunset over the Merrimack River. If you’re an outdoors sort of person, you’ll really love the hiking trails which are available through the Merrimack Valley, and you’ll get a glimpse of all the beautiful autumn colors up close.

Warm-hearted community

At 30,000 individuals, North Andover cannot quite be called a small town, but it certainly has a small town attitude in that it is very welcoming and warm-hearted. There are all kinds of clubs, groups, and hangouts available for those seeking social interaction, and many of these civic-minded organizations contribute to special community events which everyone enjoys. There are parades, road races, tree lightings, and festivals being staged at virtually every time of year. It’s wonderful to see this kind of community spirit from townspeople, and it warms the heart to see so much genuine caring between all numbers of the community.

Outdoor activities

If you are an exercise enthusiast, you’ll love all the opportunities provided by the North Andover community. This area is a literal paradise for anyone who really appreciates the outdoors and wants to maintain fitness by regular exercise. Here you’ll find all kinds of opportunities for hiking, swimming, walking, jogging, and pick-up games like basketball and soccer. One of the strongest assets of North Andover is its program of youth sports, and there are literally dozens of organizations and teams that area youngsters can choose from.

There are all kinds of baseball diamonds which get heavy use in the area, and there are a myriad of sports activities offered by various local organizations. Young people will have the opportunity to participate in lacrosse, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, field hockey, cheerleading, softball, golf, wrestling, synchronized swimming, and even various running clubs which have been organized in the area.

Variety of restaurants

If you are someone who appreciates many different types of foods, you’ll love North Andover, since there are 58 different restaurants situated within the community. These restaurants offer all kinds of ethnic foods as well as American foods, and everything from fast food to gourmet dining. On top of that, you’ll be able to find some kind of eatery or café to satisfy all of your whims and desires. If you’re looking for a sandwich shop, you’ll find several of those, and if you’re looking for coffee shops, you’ll have a number of those to choose from as well.

You can get a pizza from one of several fine establishments, and if you love Italian food, you’ll find several authentic Italian restaurants in town as well. Seafood lovers will have at least three establishments to choose from, and those who love Mexican food will have several options available to them.

There are actually another dozen or so reasons why North Andover is a great place to have a dental practice, but the reasons described above are some of the most obvious. Once you’ve been here for even a little while, you will certainly find your own reasons to love the place, and you can create your own list of reasons to love North Andover.