What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Blog

Cosmetic Dentistry is famous for its therapeutic advantages. You have a myriad of options to enhance your smile through cosmetic dentistry. Once you visit the dentist, you may not have the exact details that can help you choose the proper treatment. However, we have tried to cover some of the most famous types of cosmetic dentistry. Let’s have a look at each one of them. 

Inlays and Onlays:

Inlays and Onlays are popularly known as indirect fillings. Commonly designed in gold, many of these are now also available in porcelain or ceramic and help repair or replace decayed or broken teeth. 

You put the inlay right onto the tooth surface if you have no damaged dental cusps. When the apex or a larger section of the teeth is affected, the dentist will use an onlay to protect the whole tooth enamel. Inlays and onlays maintain teeth by strengthening them, restoring their shape, and preventing future decay and damage.

types of cosmetic dentistry

Dental Veneers:

To date, Dental Veneers have been the benchmark of cosmetic dental surgeries. Dental Veneers seem like covers that conceal the tooth surface. You often see them composed of medical-grade ceramic. They have a very natural appearance and can correct a variety of cosmetic issues. Some of these problems include crooked teeth, chipped or destroyed enamel, gaps between teeth, etc. 

Using an oral solution, the physician places the veneers in front of the teeth. Once the treatment completes, the patients can see the seamless beauty of their teeth. 

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth Whitening is the most effective approach for those who wish to transform their smile rapidly and effortlessly. Here, the dental professional can remove plaque, tartar, or any other dirt from the surface of every tooth, regaining its natural look. 

In this procedure, the teeth get whitened with a bleaching chemical to obtain a lighter shade than they had before. It usually takes a single dentist visit, plus it is pretty affordable too. 

Invisalign Braces:

Invisalign is the newest teeth correction technique in the different types of cosmetic dentistry. It uses a set of tailored aligners to reposition the teeth into alignment slowly and gently. Adults mostly love the Invisalign Braces as they are completely invisible as if one hasn’t worn them. 

Invisalign Braces are helpful in more ways than one. Misalignment that causes pain, such as chronic headaches, could be corrected with this dental surgery. The advantages make this surgery well worth the money.

Tooth Bonding:

Dental bonding is an excellent option for patients who have severely discolored or broken teeth. Generally, the composite bonding substance is the same as that used for whitening tooth fillings. Because this material is easily bent, the surgeon can mold it into the perfect, attractive shape you desire. 

Patients with dental decay, chipped or fractured teeth, or tattered edges can benefit from bonding, which is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry operations.


Like other types of cosmetic dentistry, Dental or composite bonding restores lost or destroyed teeth. A small titanium pin is inserted into the jawbone at the displaced tooth area, which acts as an anchor for a bridge. These implants are nearly indistinguishable from the real teeth around them. The implant is firmly locked into the area once the bone and surrounding tissue adhere to it. 

To clear tartar and food particles from the affected site, patients must do proper oral health throughout the implant process and after treatment.

types of cosmetic dentistry

Dental Crowns:

Crowns, also known as caps, have specific designs to fit atop the entire tooth, reshaping, sizing, strengthening, and improving its look. Professionals commonly construct crowns of acrylic or porcelain to resist chewing force. Crowns can help to fix misshapen, damaged, cracked, chipped teeth. On the contrary, it can also help if you have big fillings and close gaps within teeth.

This is not all. Dental Sealants, Laser Therapy, and Tooth Extractions are some other types of cosmetic dentistry options for you. Book an appointment at Gary C. Demetriou, D.M.D  to know about the best cosmetic dental treatment for your teeth.