The Best North Andover Dentist: Gary C. Demetriou D.M.D.

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Blog

A dental condition implies an urgent and quick appointment with the best North Andover Dentist. Moreover, you should never disregard a dental issue since it might worsen if left untreated. You must also periodically visit the dental clinic to manage your oral health and prevent future complications. Most individuals are hesitant to undergo examinations out of fear of discomfort. Yet, with oral diseases affecting nearly 3.5 billion people, preventive dentistry is a must for everyone to avoid severe dental conditions and expensive dental treatments.

If you are looking for the best North Andover Dentist, then Gary C. Demetriou, D.M.D. is the number one choice for all dental concerns. These factors make Gary C. Demetriou, D.M.D. the leading choice of patients. 

Technically advanced devices

We know many patients’ anxiety while seeing the dentist for even normal preventive treatment, much alone for emergency assistance. Many people’s dental phobia and anxiety stem from memories of previous dental operations. Continued developments in dental techniques have enabled dental treatment for people of all ages to be safer, more practical, more economical, and much more pleasant.

Gary C. Demetriou, D.M.D. dental clinic, has state-of-the-art technology that aims to make your dental experience as smoother and less painful as possible. So, don’t fear! You will have the most pleasant experience ever. 


A reputable dental clinic should employ highly competent dentists in each dental specialty. Dentists should possess the necessary expertise to identify and treat even the most challenging conditions. Further, they must have the information and skills required to manage any situation. Dentistry is an area of medical science that is continually developing surgical techniques and treatments. 

Being the best North Andover Dentist, Gary C. Demetriou D.M.D. has extensive experience providing the best patient care and treatment. Since 1986, Dr. Demetriou has been offering dental care services to his patients. Dr. Demetriou is well-versed in the most recent surgeries and methods. Some of his latest certifications include dental implants, laser dentistry, Invisalign, and Lumineers.


A reputable dental facility maintains the highest standards of cleanliness. The dentist must be knowledgeable of correct disposal practices and maintain clean equipment. Moreover, this is of the highest importance when selecting a dental facility. 

When a patient enters the clinic, the accompanying staff should be accountable for maintaining the treatment facility and ensuring it is clean and hygienic. When entering a dental office, no one likes to see stacks of paper, dirty napkins, and the most terrible thing: blood.

Being the best North Andover Dentist, we take proper care and attention to the facility’s hygiene and cleanliness. Be assured that you are in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable place.

Good communication skills

Dr. Gary C. Demetriou believes excellent communication skills are necessary for a top-notch dental clinic. Hence, the clinic focuses on good communication. We have updated records for everything from cancellations to creating appointments to ensure smooth patient handling. This is what makes Dr. Gary C. Demetriou the best North Andover Dentist. 

Further, the effectiveness of a clinic is determined by how well its staff communicates. Hence, each team member is trained and instructed to maintain good communication throughout the clinic. 

Additionally, Dr. Gary C. Demetriou and other medical staff communicate with their patients regarding their dental concerns. We also share what treatment they would be undergoing, the alternative options of treatment, the efficacy, and the recovery time. So this ensures that the patients make an informed choice. 

Multiple payment options

The best North Andover Dentist should accept a variety of payment methods. They should make an effort to accept insurance companies, all debit and credit cards, and PayPal services and cheques.

Apart from all these, our dental clinic offers various financial assistance to our patients so they do not lose out on dental care therapy. If you have a limited budget, it is a good idea to look at our financing options before limiting your dental clinic selections. We always wish that each of our patients must receive the finest dental care.

Compassionate approach

As per studies, about 36% of the population have extreme dental fear. Also, this makes them avoid visiting their dentists, causing them trouble in the future. Hence our team adopts a compassionate approach when treating all our patients. Starting from the staff to doctors, we aim to comfort the patients. Patients are frequently afraid and worried before having dental work done. Hence we believe that we must bring patients at ease so they are comfortable and the treatment outcomes are better. 


Dr. Gary C. Demetriou takes pride in being the best North Andover Dentist and offering the highest quality dental services. We are your partner for your long-term oral health. Book an appointment with us and trust us. We will take care of all your dental concerns.