7 Most Misunderstood Facts About Cosmetic Dentist

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Blog

“Say cheese!” The photographer says. But once again you give a forced little smile in an attempt to cover up your teeth. You’re embarrassed by your smile and do your best to keep it hidden away. Cosmetic Dentist

Don’t do that!

The world needs more smiles in it. Plus, the simple act of smiling can improve your health by boosting the immune system, lowering your blood pressure, relieving stress, and more. 

With so many good reasons to smile, you don’t want to lock it away on account of a couple of crooked or discolored teeth. If it really bugs you, modern cosmetic dentistry has a solution for you. Unsure about cosmetic procedures? Read on to learn about some of the most misunderstood facts and cosmetic dentistry!

1. Cosmetic Treatments Are Just For Looks

Some people wrongly assume that the only reason to undergo cosmetic procedures is to look nicer. And while it is true that your smile will end up more beautiful, this usually isn’t the sole purpose. 

Many imperfections that you’d like to correct also may contribute to poor oral health. For example, a crooked tooth is harder to clean and it is more likely that bacteria will get trapped between your teeth, potentially leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening that tooth will lower your risk for more serious problems later on. 

And since gum disease is linked to heart disease, the number one killer in America, avoiding this should be a high priority for everyone. 

2. Cosmetic Dentistry Is Too Expensive

Some people may shy away from cosmetic dentistry procedures thinking that the price tag will be more than they can handle. On top of that, most people assume that their insurance probably won’t cover a cosmetic procedure. 

But as technology advances and becomes more accessible, the price for these procedures is also coming down. Many cosmetic procedures are very affordable and dentists are willing to offer payment plans to help spread the cost out over a period of months. Cosmetic Dentist

Furthermore, some insurances do cover cosmetic procedures if they help promote your overall oral health. At the very least, they may cover a portion, making the cost of the procedure easier to handle. 

3. Results of Cosmetic Dentistry Will Look Fake

Back in the day, attempts at cosmetic dentistry didn’t always yield the best results. Crowns and false teeth often looked fake and stuck out visually.

Thanks to many advanced in dental technology over the years, this is thankfully no longer the case. Modern dentists have an arsenal of techniques at their disposal that yield beautiful, natural-looking results. 

4. Cosmetic Procedures Cause Damage to Real Teeth

You may have heard that some cosmetic procedures cause damage to your natural teeth. After all, to insert a bridge, the two healthy teeth on either side must be ground down to attach the crowns. Or the front of your teeth have to be filed to create a rough surface when bonding veneers to the teeth. Plus, you might have heard that tooth whitening weakens tooth enamel.

However, while some grinding may be necessary, no self-respecting dentist would ever recommend a procedure that would cause undue damage to your teeth. A little shaving here or there will not put a healthy tooth at risk.

5. Tooth Whitening Is Bad for Your Teeth

While it’s true that over bleaching the teeth can weaken the enamel, problems usually occur when people use at-home kits too frequently. Procedures overseen by a dentist (whether in the office or a take-home kit used as prescribed) are perfectly safe and effective. Cosmetic Dentist

6. Cosmetic Procedures Ruin Your Unique Smile

While everyone desires a bright white smile with straight teeth, few want a cookie-cutter smile that looks like everyone else’s. Sometimes, people fear this will happen when they undergo cosmetic procedures.

However, a cosmetic dentist is really an artist. Their job is to fix imperfections and promote your overall oral health without losing the aspects that make your smile uniquely yours. Communicate clearly with your dentist your goals and desires for your smile, then trust their capable hands to make it happen. 

7. Beauty Is Pain

They say that beauty is pain, right? That might be true when it comes to high heels and rhinoplasty, but cosmetic dentistry is a little different. Of course, there is a spectrum because not all dental procedures involve the same depth of work. 

Some procedures are so simple they don’t require anesthesia at all. Others may require a bit of anesthesia to help you get through the procedure. If you’ve ever had a cavity filled, you already know that applying anesthesia is fairly straightforward. You’ll feel a pinprick at the injection site, but after a few minutes, you lose feeling in the area. It can be uncomfortable and disconcerting to feel numb for a few hours, but that’s about all the “pain” there is to it!

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