Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is usually used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums, and/or bite. Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide variety of esthetic procedures, ranging from enhancing unappealing tooth appearances, to restoring teeth with a tooth-colored composite. Any flaw in a person’s smile, such as discolored, chipped, crooked, or missing teeth can be embarrassing to “show off” when you smile, as well as taking a toll on your self-confidence. For every aesthetic flaw in your smile, Dr. Demetriou has a cosmetic treatment that can correct these problems.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Can:

  • Change the size, shape, and alignment of irregularly sized or misshapen teeth.
  • Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth.
  • Improve or correct bites.
  • Lighten or brighten the color of teeth.
  • Repair decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth.
  • Straighten and align crooked or crowded teeth.
  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Replace old, unattractive dental treatments.

Dr. Demetriou’s Cosmetic Treatments Include:

Dental Bonding:

Another common cosmetic dentistry treatment is dental bonding. Dental bonding is the application of a tooth-colored composite resin to repair a decayed, chipped, fractured, or discolored tooth. Bonding is done is a single visit, unlike veneers, dentures, and bridges which are manufactured in a laboratory and require a customized mold to achieve a proper fit.

Bonding is a very easy and inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure, which is mostly used to improve the appearance of a discolored or chipped tooth. It can also be used to fill gaps in a patient’s teeth to give a better looking smile. Because the bonding agents match the color of natural teeth, this procedure is also used as an alternative to amalgam fillings.Cosmetic dentistry

Lumineers and Porcelain Veneers:

Now that our office offers Lumineers, you can have the smile you have always wanted with less time and far more comfort than ever imagined. The Lumineers are digitally designed to be as thin as a contact lens, while still being strong enough to handle every day wear and tear.

As a result, they can be seamlessly applied over your current teeth for the perfect, natural-looking smile you have always dreamed of having. Lumineers are the #1 patient preferred veneer system in the world.
Porcelain veneers are thin shells of tooth-colored ceramic that bond directly to the front surfaces of the teeth for appearance purposes. They are an ideal choice for improving your smile and have become increasingly popular due to their simplicity and versatility.

In addition to resisting stains better than resin veneers, porcelain veneers also mimic the light-reflecting properties of natural teeth, which allows the porcelain to look more natural than other products. Not only do porcelain veneers look like real teeth, but they also have many other purposes as well.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays can be made of porcelain, gold, or composite resin. These pieces are bonded to the damaged area of the tooth. An inlay, which is similar to a filling, is used inside the cusp tips of the tooth. An onlay is a more substantial reconstruction, similar to the inlay but extending out over one or more of the cusps of the tooth. Traditionally, gold has been the material of choice for inlays and onlays. In recent years, however, porcelain has become increasingly popular due to its strength and color, which can match the natural color of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening:

The most common dental problem we see, and treat, is tooth discoloration. Over time, the food, beverages, and other substances you consume will inevitably have an effect on the whiteness of your smile. Our professional teeth whitening treatments can help you restore your teeth to a bright, natural white shade. In addition, we also provide methods for maintaining your whitening results.


From mild cases of crowded and protruding teeth, to much more complex cases involving malocclusion, overbite, or underbite, Invisalign effectively corrects a wide variety of dental problems. Whether your teeth are widely gapped or overly crowded, Invisalign has an affordable method to straighten your teeth. The dental problems that Invisalign can correct are as follows:

  • Gapped Teeth: Gaps can occur with abnormal continued growth of the jawbone, causing the teeth to separate from one another.
  • Overbite: When the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth.
  • Underbite: When lower teeth protrude past the upper teeth.
  • Open Bite: When some teeth are physically unable to make contact with opposing teeth for a proper bite.
  • Overly Crowded: When there is a lack of room within your jaw for all your teeth to fit comfortably.
  • Cross Bite: When the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned.

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