Bad Breath and How to Get Rid of It

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Blog

Bad breath is a serious issue. According to Medical News Today, bad breath affects 1 in 4 people. That’s about 25% of the population. Having bad breath can cause stress, anxiety, embarrassment, and a lot of worry. Also known as halitosis, bad breath is mostly caused by poor oral hygiene.

When food particles get stuck in your mouth for a significant amount of time, they can create bacteria that can produce unwanted smells. Couple that with poor hydration, it’s a recipe for disaster. Fortunately there are treatment options you can take to curb bad breath.

As mentioned earlier, since poor hygiene is one of the most common causes of bad breath,  instituting a better oral hygiene routine can quickly nip bad breath in the bud. Flossing once daily, and brushing twice a day is a step in the right direction. Don’t forget to brush your tongue! We get so wrapped up in how to properly brush our teeth, that sometimes we forget about our tongue.

Often times, bacteria that causes bad breath is present on the tongue. So, be sure to brush it gently and reach as far back as you can with the toothbrush in order to cover the entire tongue. Also, be aware of the level of dryness in your mouth. Since bacteria can flourish in a dry mouth, it’s advised to drink water consistently throughout the day. Speaking of hydration, your saliva is masterful at managing bad breath. Evidence suggests that the more saliva you have in your mouth, the fresher your breath will be. Chewing sugar-free gum and eating snacks that require a lot of chewing are great ways to promote healthy saliva flow in your mouth.

Some other things you can do to stop bad breath is cutting out unhealthy habits such as smoking tobacco and eating too much sugar. In fact, diet plays a huge role in overall health. It’s no wonder that diet also contributes to what’s going on in our mouth. For example, it’s quite possible you’ve heard that onions and garlic cause bad breath, but do you know how? When these foods breakdown in the system during digestion, they release chemicals in the bloodstream that can cause bad breath. Coffee and alcohol can also contribute to bad breath. Pay attention to what you eat. It could make a difference.

In addition to managing oral hygiene at home, be sure to see your dentist at least twice a year for professional cleaning. Food particles can build up which makes it harder to get with just flossing and brushing. Your dentist has special teeth cleaning tools that will give you a thorough cleaning. This can alleviate bad breath and many other oral ailments you may encounter. Additionally, talk to your dentist about treatment options for bad breath. He/She may be able to prescribe a special antibacterial toothpaste or mouthwash to combat bad breath.

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