5 Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Blog

Several people envision a Hollywood smile with pearly white teeth whenever they consider a cosmetic dentist in North Andover. Although teeth whitening is a reliable and widely cosmetic procedure, cosmetic dentistry is much more than that.

Also, cosmetic dentistry can improve how your teeth function, apart from improving their aesthetic appearance. Additionally, Cosmetic dentistry could even lift your mood and boost your self-esteem!

However, Cosmetic dentistry is loaded with misunderstandings, and patients frequently discourage themselves from seeking these services because of these misconceptions.

Yet, there are several reasons to reconsider cosmetic dentistry. Let’s check out several things you should know about Cosmetic Dentistry.

5 Must-Know Things about Cosmetic Dentistry

#1 People consider cosmetic dentistry as luxury

Many of our patients disregard cosmetic dentistry since they assume it is an expensive luxury item they cannot afford.   

Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages. For example, some procedures might make things easier to clean your teeth, which is beneficial to your general dental health.

Second, the positive effects of increasing self-assurance on your personal and work lives cannot be understated. According to studies, your smile significantly impacts your professional life.  

As a result, a few of these improvements may ultimately pay in the long run. So, discuss with your cosmetic dentist in North Andover, and you will find that these services are worth the investment.

#2 Teeth whitening at the dentist’s clinic is more effective

Teeth whiteners sold in shops aren’t strong enough to brighten teeth. You might have a little brightening impact. However, unless you visit cosmetic dentistry for an in-office whitening session, you’re unable to attain that stunning, whiter smile. Furthermore, any results you obtain with an over-the-counter product are doubtful to last much.

Usually, the cosmetic dentist in North Andover procedure employs a safe, effective whitening gel and heat and light to provide long-lasting effects.

#3 Veneers for teeth might help to protect the natural tooth enamel.

Veneers are thin ceramic covers covering the teeth and are custom-made for you by a cosmetic dentist in North Andover. Although dental enamel is the toughest component in the body, it can deplete due to several reasons. That’s why veneers from a cosmetic dentist are a great option to protect your enamel while improving the appearance of your teeth.

While having veneers placed on your entire mouth may be incredibly expensive, some people require one or two teeth to achieve the desired effects. Moreover, partnering with a cosmetic dentist who understands how to help you develop your perfect smile can be beneficial in this situation.

#4 Dental crowns have little to no discomfort.

Dental crowns can effectively preserve your teeth by preventing them from being extracted and keeping them functioning. The best part is that they are simple to set up.

The procedure is not particularly unpleasant at first, but the dentists can minimize pain in various methods to ensure that they can repair your tooth without difficulty.

You will get a flawless smile and enhance your appearance with cosmetic dentistry

Most people believe that cosmetic dentistry entails using a single procedure to address a particular issue. In reality, the dentist in North Andover uses a combination of strategies to assist you in achieving your goals.     

For instance, we could use veneers to fix a minor misalignment in your teeth and then employ whitening to provide you with the bright, perfect smile you’ve often wanted.

5 Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Teeth

While many cosmetic dental disorders necessitate expert intervention, you can consider certain self-care tips for keeping your teeth healthy and attractive. 

  •       Avoiding soda and sugary beverages is the leading cause of tooth discoloration, decay, and stains.
  •       To flush out food leftovers and bacteria, drink lots of water.
  •       Brush and floss your teeth every day to keep them clean, healthful, and bright.


We hope you will consider a cosmetic dentist in North Andover for a beautiful appearance and great smile. Gary C. Demetriou will help you restore your appearance and fix any dental issues.