3 Quick Tips to Improving Your Dental Routine

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Blog

There’s more to good oral health than brushing and flossing each day. You may still not be seeing the results you want.your teeth But there are more ways beyond the traditional flossing and brushing that can help you achieve the results you’re craving. So, here are a few more quick tips to enhance your dental routine for a cleaner, brighter, healthier smile.

1. Clean your tongue: You probably have a toothbrush in your bathroom right now that has the tools to help you do this, but you probably never use it. The backside of your toothbrush is ideal for scrubbing your tongue and inside of your cheeks to remove bacteria.

Your teeth aren’t the only place that bacteria can thrive. The ridges of your taste buds are perfect hiding spots, so take some time when brushing to get your tongue and the inside of your cheeks. This will cut back on the plaque and unwanted bacteria lurking in your mouth. If you don’t have this feature built into your toothbrush, you can purchase a separate tongue scraper or get one from your dentist.

2. Gargle before brushing your teeth: Pick up some alcohol-free mouthwash or antiseptic mouth rinse and swish out your mouth before brushing. Doing it before you brush is more beneficial than after. Why? Doing it after you brush will wash away the fluoride that was in your toothpaste, essentially reversing the good work you just did.

Rinsing beforehand will do wonders for loosening up plaque, getting rid of the rest when you brush. Be sure to get an alcohol-free mouthwash. Alcohol-based mouthwash solutions can dry out your mouth, which you don’t want to do because your saliva acts as a natural mouthwash. Drying up your saliva will do more harm than good in the long run because your saliva is what is needed to flush out germs and food particles throughout the day.

3. Brush the right way: How you hold your toothbrush can make all the difference. You should hold it at a 45-degree angle rather than parallel. Your old way of brushing isn’t as effective at getting in those crevices between your teeth and at the gum line that can harbor bacteria.

Keep in mind, you should be switching out your toothbrush every three months or so, or after you’ve been sick. Keep a steady stock of toothbrushes, mouthwash, floss and toothpaste in your bathroom closet so you never run out. If you run out and don’t get to the store for a few days, you can set back your oral hygiene routine quite a bit.

Now that you have the tips to a healthier smile, get going! You will see results faster than you think. And don’t forget to keep up with your six-month visits to the dentist. Those visits will allow the dentist to ensure nothing more serious is going on and will keep your teeth clean and free of problems. Call Dr. Gary Demetriou, DMD, to schedule your six-month visit today.